Weight Management


Hi, my name is Amy Daniels. I am the weight consultant at Genoa Animal Hospital. I know how very easy it is to put on a couple of unnecessary pounds. I also know how it feels. I’m more sluggish and tired. My energy level is way down and I become very lazy. These are exactly the same “side effects” in overweight pets. As a pet owner, I know how hard it is not to spoil your pet with fun treats, and I too get that sad little face when there is no more food left in the bowl. And yes, I have a dog that wants everything to do with food! But as a weight consultant, I have the power and knowledge to know what is right for my pet.

It is crucial that your pet stays at the weight appropriate for her or his own breed, not only to reduce the risk of obesity, but to also reduce the risk of hip, joint, and ligament problems and other diseases. Dogs and cats are much more active than humans. They can fetch that same ball more times than a human has the energy to throw it. Pets love to run, jump and play. Any excess weight cannot only seriously damage their joints and tendons, but can also make it very painful for them to do the activities that they love to do. This is happening at an age much earlier than it should be. There is no reason at all a pet should have to slow down because of a weight issue. As a weight consultant, I want to help my clients with these issues. I have a program for pets that have put on a couple of pounds. I’m also available to clients who have concerns about weight gain. Our weight management program consists of many things.

First of all, your pet will need to have a full physical exam by Dr. Seneczko. His evaluation of your pet will help me structure a diet and exercise program. I like to work closely with both the client and the pet to track their progress. After the initial consultation, we will set up a convenient schedule to monitor his/her weight loss and address any concerns or questions you might have along the way. As with humans, our body needs constant change when it comes to workout programs. This constant change is what helps our bodies from forming a plateau. If the body plateaus or remembers the same workout day after day, there will be no results. This is no different for our pets. This is why it is important to take some time for your pet and schedule consults on a regular basis. This way, we can offer the best program tailored specifically for your pet.

For any questions, or to schedule a free consultation, please call the hospital.