The Ultimate Guide to Welcoming a New Cat into Your Home

Our team wants to make welcoming a new cat into your house as easy as possible in recognition of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, which in our opinion ought to be observed each month. Cats are sensitive animals, so moving into a new area can be distressing, particularly if other cats have already staked out a claim.

Follow our team’s advice if you’re bringing a new cat—or two, or three—home to make them feel at home.

#1: Make a safe space for your new kitty.

If you already have other pets in your home, it may take your new cat a few days to feel at ease around you and much longer for them to adjust. Don’t forget to give your cat their own set of resources so they can feel safe and confident in their new surroundings. To prevent your feline buddy from having to compete for necessities, keep them segregated in a big room with their own litter box, food, water, scratching post, and blanket. Give your new cat lots of time to become used to you by playing, petting, and socializing with them, but also give them room to roam free and uninhibited.

#2: Maintain their diet.

Stick to the same food your cat was eating to prevent additional stress. Moving to a new environment might upset a cat’s delicate digestive system. Give them a few days to adjust to their existing diet if you wish to switch them to a new one, then take a week to gradually introduce the new foods.

#3: Give your new cat some time to adjust.

Save the meet-and-greets with family and friends until your pet is at ease with you and their surroundings because a cat might take a week or two to adjust to their new home. To make sure your new cat is healthy and current on preventive care, you should arrange a meet-and-greet appointment with your normal vet. Let your cat unwind for another week before making any further introductions because making another trip so soon after the one to your house can be stressful for them.

Congratulations on the new feline member of your family! Call us to set up your new pet’s wellness check-up since our staff is eager to meet them.