Heartworm Prevention


Learn about risks for Heartworm in our dogs and cats! Our veterinarians here at Genoa Animal Hospital highly recommend an annual Heartworm test.

The heartworm test we perform on dogs will not only cover Heartworm disease but also test for 3 tick-borne diseases!

Prevention is the best medicine.

The best way to protect your pet against Heartworm disease is with preventative medications! Our office conveniently carries many preventions, and all our preventions come with rebate offers or free doses.

Preventatives we offer:

1. Heartgard Plus Chews (Monthly Heartworm prevention and intestinal parasite protection): buy 12 doses, receive a $12.00 rebate

2. Nexgard Chews (Monthly flea and tick prevention): buy 6 doses, receive (1) free dose

3. Heartgard Plus AND Nexgard: buy 12 doses of each product, receive a $50 rebate

4. ProHeart (6-month injectable Heartworm prevention): Earn up to $15.00 in rewards to use at Genoa Animal Hospital. We now also carry ProHeart 12!! Click here to learn more.

5. Simparica chew tabs (Monthly Flea and tick prevention): Earn up to $35.00 in rewards to use at Genoa Animal Hospital

6. Revolution Plus for Cats topical (Heartworm, Flea and Tick prevention): Earn up to $35.00 in rewards to use at Genoa Animal Hospital

7. Bravecto chews (12-week Flea and Tick prevention): Buy 2 doses (a 6 month supply) get a $15.00 rebate, buy 4 doses (a year supply) get a $35.00 rebate

8. Vectra 3D (topical monthly flea and tick prevention w/ mosquito repellent): Buy 3 doses get 1 free, buy 6 doses get 3 free.

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